The Emperor has no clothes

I am not a NASCAR fan, but I watched, or tried to watch, the Daytona 500 Sunday, just because it was the only race on, and it’s usually a good show.

The Fox announcing crew tried to cover for NASCAR’s and the Speedway’s incompetence, but there is just no excuse for what happened to the track Sunday.  Cars had been racing on that track since practice began for the Rolex 24 2 1/2 weeks prior to the 500.

Was there no pre-race inspection Sunday? Was there no already tested repair ready so that the delay would not have been so long?

This was the equivalent of a World Series game being delayed for 2 hours because the pitcher’s mound started to sink into the ground. The statement that “This could not have been foreseen” echoed by all of the Fox crew was completely lame.

NASCAR claims it has the best racing and the best drivers in the world. I totally disagree with that, but if they really believe that, they need to get their house in order, and quickly.

  1. then what racing is the best. go watch it if it’s on tv. nascar rule’s

  2. ” Nascar rules” – that can be debated.

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