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Economic downturn hurting F1?


“F1 stakeholders announced measures to reduce the costs for teams in 2009.”

F1, Formula1, has lost Honda.   Honda was falling by the waste side.  With all the money that Honda spent on research and development, you would think they could stay ahead of Red Bull.  This goes to show how strong the Ferrari engines if Red Bull can surpass Honda.

With Honda gone, F1 is left with Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault, BMW Sauber, and Toyota.   Wondering minds want to know, “who’s next?!”   Ferrari has already stated they will leave if F1 becomes more standardized, meaning engines and chassis specs across the board.  Toyota is finally making advancement.   My guess:  Williams

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Nascar vs Recession


Can Nascar survive the recession?

Nascar is experiencing a merger fest in order to cut costs.  The results are employee layoffs and fewer cars fielded.    Even after the mergers, you still have major teams with “unsponsored” cars.  (See Ganassi Earnhardt).   Teams that ran 3-4 cars each, are now running 3-4 cars as a merged team.   The reason: sponsorship dollars have dwindled due to an economy in the toilet.   *flush sound*

  • Ganassi -Earnhardt marriage.
  • Petty Enterprises is merging with with Gillett Evernham Motorsports.
  • Bill Davis Racing was sold and still lacks a 2009 sponsor.
  • Hall of Fame racing a sponsor for half of 2009.

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