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Sponsorship woes strike again

Just a quick update, it looks like Earnhardt Ganassi will be down to 2 cars after the Daytona 500. Martin Truex Jr. and Montoya are the only 2 cars with a 2009 full season sponsorships. Almirola’s future after the Daytona 500 looks to be DOA.

Economic woes strike again.


Nascar vs Recession


Can Nascar survive the recession?

Nascar is experiencing a merger fest in order to cut costs.  The results are employee layoffs and fewer cars fielded.    Even after the mergers, you still have major teams with “unsponsored” cars.  (See Ganassi Earnhardt).   Teams that ran 3-4 cars each, are now running 3-4 cars as a merged team.   The reason: sponsorship dollars have dwindled due to an economy in the toilet.   *flush sound*

  • Ganassi -Earnhardt marriage.
  • Petty Enterprises is merging with with Gillett Evernham Motorsports.
  • Bill Davis Racing was sold and still lacks a 2009 sponsor.
  • Hall of Fame racing a sponsor for half of 2009.

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