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Ian James Joins Starworks

What the hell?! Why am I the last to know?

As President of the Ian James Fan Club and hotel provider to Sir James, you would think my phone would have rang with the news ahead of time.  Hell, a text message would have sufficed! I may have to cut the hot water off, or better yet paint his helmet with a Scottish design.

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Last Minute Ride For Ian James

From Grand-Am:

Ian James

Ian James Joins Starworks Motorsport for Rolex 24 (Updated Thursday at 6:45 a.m.)

Ian James will be the fourth driver on the No. 7 Starworks Motorsport BMW Riley for the Rolex 24, joining Bill Lester, Mike Forest and Dion von Moltke.

Team principal Peter Baron also announced the web site, www.race4haiti.com, where online donations can be made with all funds going directly to Dunamis Medical Missions – a group of American doctors and nurses already active in Haiti since 1995, long before the devastating earthquakes. Driver Ryan Dalziel – who will join Starworks for the Miami Grand Prix after running for Action Express in the Rolex 24 – has a family connection. His wife Jessica’s parents are both on the Board of Directors of Dunamis Medical Missions.

Dalziel and all four Starworks Motorsport drivers will sport the cause on their helmets this weekend.


Economic downturn hurting F1?


“F1 stakeholders announced measures to reduce the costs for teams in 2009.”

F1, Formula1, has lost Honda.   Honda was falling by the waste side.  With all the money that Honda spent on research and development, you would think they could stay ahead of Red Bull.  This goes to show how strong the Ferrari engines if Red Bull can surpass Honda.

With Honda gone, F1 is left with Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault, BMW Sauber, and Toyota.   Wondering minds want to know, “who’s next?!”   Ferrari has already stated they will leave if F1 becomes more standardized, meaning engines and chassis specs across the board.  Toyota is finally making advancement.   My guess:  Williams

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