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2011 24 Hours of Le Mans: Audi McNish wreck

Dear Alan,

What the hell were you thinking?!?  1 hour into the race and you take a hour 22 chance!

To the Audi Team Boss,

You are a jackass for trying to blame Ferrari for that wreck.  There is no way McNish could have controlled that Audi even if he made the pass!  He was going to slide off the track into the kitty litter .

On the wreck scale, I give it an 11 out of 10! DAMN!

Glad you are safe Alan, but that was a bonehead move especially from a driver with your experience.


Throw some comments below!


How long will LMP1 last?

Audi LMP1 - americanlemans.com

Audi LMP1 - americanlemans.com

With Audi dropping out of the LMP1 division in the American Lemans series, who can we expect to dominate?

LMP1, in the past couple years, has competed with GT1 to see which division can be the most boring.  LMP1 division put Audi vs Audi with the occasional Peugeot challenge followed up by Autocon and Intersport.   GT1 put Corvette vs Corvette.  Can we really put Aston there?

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