Nascar vs Recession


Can Nascar survive the recession?

Nascar is experiencing a merger fest in order to cut costs.  The results are employee layoffs and fewer cars fielded.    Even after the mergers, you still have major teams with “unsponsored” cars.  (See Ganassi Earnhardt).   Teams that ran 3-4 cars each, are now running 3-4 cars as a merged team.   The reason: sponsorship dollars have dwindled due to an economy in the toilet.   *flush sound*

  • Ganassi -Earnhardt marriage.
  • Petty Enterprises is merging with with Gillett Evernham Motorsports.
  • Bill Davis Racing was sold and still lacks a 2009 sponsor.
  • Hall of Fame racing a sponsor for half of 2009.

Who would have thought, the name the King built, would be down to just the #43 car.  Petty Enterprises went from one of the best to mediocrity.   The worst business decision came when they continued to let Kyle Petty drive.   HELLO! He did not inherit one ounce of his father’s talent.   A young talented Busch/Nationwide Series driver should have been in his place years ago.

Since Ganassi and DEI merged, that leaves Petty/Gillett  combination and Penske for Dodge.   Dodge is done. Gone. Adios. See ya!  You might say, “What about Robby Gordon???”   Do we really need to go there?!?    It will be a miracle if they can make it past 2009.

It’s the Chevrolet, Ford, and Toyota show now.   With GM and Ford experiencing financial woes,  you have to wonder how long it will take Nascar to introduce a single supplier for  chassis, base engine, gear box, etc.   Hello Judd, AER, Lola, and Riley.

Here is something else to ponder, was the driver change at Gillett Everham Racing necessary?? Was it to save money?!

You swap Elliot Sadler for AJ Allmendinger.   You have a “starter” vs “late season firing”.    Gillett still owes Elliot for 2010 since his contract has that last year.   Was AJ plus the buyout cheaper than 1 year of Sadler’s salary?!   From a financial perspective, this move makes zero sense.

You want something that really makes you go “hmmmmmmmmmm”?  How many cars start a race, run 10 laps, and pull behind the wall.   The easiest way to collect  ~$75k ~.

My prediction: By end of the 2009 season, you will have less than 40 cars qualifying for races.  This could get very ugly folks.

Coming up next:  Review of Open Wheel, Road Racing, and Spectators vs the Recession.

  1. Gillett Evernham Motorsports and driver Elliott Sadler have reached an agreement that enables Sadler to retain his position as driver of the team’s No. 19 Dodge, thereby moving AJ Allmendinger to a part-time ride, multiple GEM sources told

  2. CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It’s official. Petty Enterprises as it has been known no longer exists.

    NASCAR’s most storied franchise on Thursday announced it has agreed in principal to merge with Gillett Evernham Motorsports, ending the 60-year existence of the organization that won 10 Sprint Cup titles between Richard Petty (7) and his father, Lee (3).

  3. They say that alcohol is a recession proof business and races are excellent venues to consume mass quantity’s.
    So i guess the answer is more Liquor, Beer & sponsors!

    This race is brought to u by Yagermeister
    “Don’t forget to get bombed”….. I mean drive safely!

    Or maybe they can call it the Patron Cup
    Their slogan could simply be “We make girl’s get Naked”

    Either way with a jingle like that, what red blood American Hound Dog wouldn’t pay top dollar to attend!
    But that just my Opinion!!!!!!!

  4. Why would Patron enter NASCAR? They have stepped up their sponsorship of IMSA and the American Le Mans Series since 2008.

  5. Dodge should pull out of NASCAR and support the Challenger and Viper in road racing. Or sell the Viper to Panoz.

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