Ford in ALMS

I love the Ford GT as much as anyone, and I had a wonderful time this past summer at Road America when the GT-40 was the featured car.  But Ford doesn’t build the car any longer so it really should not be the car representing Ford in the ALMS and LMS.

Times are tough as we all know, but what Ford needs is a GT 2 Mustang program. With all of the racing technology available, and all of the Shelby and Roush tuners already available for the car; a full-bore racing version fast enough to compete in GT 2 is what they need.  They need a car, they are actually selling, carrying the blue oval flag in international competition.

I’m sure they are selling plenty, but they could sell plenty more I’m sure.  As a Mustang owner, I would really love to see a Mustang out there battling the Corvettes, Porsches, BMW’s, Jags, and whoever else shows up.

  1. You’re right, Jim. A tricked-out competitive Mustang would look mighty good in GT-2.

  2. It wouldn’t take much since Riley Tech already produces one for Grand Am. Blackforest ran a mustang in GT last year.

  3. Good idea, Jim. After all, Ford is the only one of the US big three which isn’t broke, and didn’t need government bail out money, and didn’t go into bankruptcy. Since they’re so solvent, they should have some bucks for this program.

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